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Reminiscing the past

Title: Reminiscing the past
Character: you and bias
Type: one-shot
Genre: angst
Disclaimer: Only the story / plot is mine. Nothing else.

  When was the last time you saw him? Rain started to fall. Its raindrops mixing with your tears. You felt alone and broken as you walked down the sidewalk. You missed him, badly. He left you three months ago. You still held on to the promise you two made. “We’ll be together, forever.” But that promise was long gone. As you were walking down the empty street you were reminded of the past.

The times when you two were still happy…
The time when nothing else mattered…
The time when things were simple…
The time when you two were still in love.

You two first met in a park. You were sitting on one of the benches near the lake when he suddenly stood in front of you, blocking the view. He greeted you and asked you if he could sit beside you. You nodded. He asked for your name and he gave you his. After a few minutes of small talk, you two turned to each other but you looked away. You whispered your goodbye to him and left. It never occurred to you that you two would meet again. Maybe it was fate that led you to him. You never really believe in fate and love but he made you believe. And since then, you two were inseparable. Until one day…

He didn’t show up. You were worried. You kept on calling him but you were always diverted to his voicemail. You also texted him, asking him if he was fine and that to call you back as soon as possible. It went on for a week. You often visited the park in hopes that he would be there. He suddenly shows up right at the spot where you first met him. You smiled and waved at him. He smiled but it didn’t reach his eyes. You heart sank. Didn’t he miss me? You stood in front of him to hug him but he avoided it. You looked at him.

I can’t handle this anymore. Let’s finish this. I don’t have feelings for you anymore. Let’s break up.

You laughed. You told him that it was a funny joke. He just stared at you with emotionless eyes. You knew he was serious. You heard your
heart break into a million pieces. You started to cry.


You just stared at him as he walked away from you. As he left, he took your heart with him. You just sat there still looking at the distance. It started to rain, big angry drops falling from the sky. He was your first love. He left as fast as he came in to your life. He was now gone.
The pain kept you up night. You pillow was wet with tears that you didn’t bother to shed. This kept on for days. It was like he dug a deep hole in your chest. There was knock on the door. It was his mother. You met her when he once brought you to his apartment. She is such a sweet lady. You told her to come in and said sorry that you were a mess. She just nodded and handed you a letter. Your name was neatly written on it. It was his handwriting. You immediately wanted to breakdown.

To the love of my life,
               Hey. I hope you’re doing well. I asked my mother to give this to you because I know I wouldn’t be able to. I miss you so much. I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to meet up with you on our anniversary. I went to the doctor that day. I found out that I had cancer. It was terminal. I’m so sorry. I was scared to tell you. I also didn’t want you to know because I don’t want to be a burden to you. I broke up with you because I didn’t want you to see me dying. I want your last image of me was of me smiling and healthy. I didn’t really mean to hurt you. I do hope you understand.
               By the time you’re reading this, I’m already gone. But I promise I’ll always watch over you. I’ll be your angel. I love you so much.

You cried as you finished reading the letter.

I love you too.


Title: Existence
Character: Kris and You
Type: One-Shot
Genre: Angst
Disclaimer: Only the story / plot is mine. Nothing else.

                You suddenly had a feeling that you don’t want to leave home tomorrow. You just want to sulk and sleep. You want to get some rest from the very stressful week or rather a very stressful life. You were currently getting involved in things that you don’t know about. You are dating a kpop idol or rather was dating. You really wished you didn’t study in Korea. You wished you lived a normal life. Wish you never met him. Kris. Things were caving and falling apart for you. Fans would suddenly come up to you and say hurtful things about you.

      You don’t deserve him.
       I don’t know even why Kris oppa liked you.
      You’re ugly.
      Kris oppa doesn’t love you.

You just kept silent to everything they said. You were so in love with him that time. You were ready to sacrifice anything and everything for him. But unfortunately he left you.

You know what it feels like to lose everything. Your friends left you because of envy. They envied you because you dated a star. You turned your back on your family in order to follow Kris to Korea. And now, that one special person in your life, the reason why you were here, the person who ruled your whole world left you for another star. You felt betrayed and worthless.

      You are nothing to me. I never really loved you.

You started to cry. You were broken. You tried hard to put yourself back together but failed. You suddenly questioned everything around you. You started to walk down memory lane but you only remembered the painful ones.

You snapped back to reality when you heard laughter, laughter you now oh so well. You turned your head to the side and saw Kris laughing with a girl. You heard your heart shatter even more. You just bowed your head and walked away as tears flow down your face.

      He deserves her. He doesn’t deserve me. I should let him be happy.

Nightly Visitor

pairing: Kris x You
type: one-shot
genre: fluff? angst?

disclaimer: the only thing i own is the plot / story.   i wish i owned Kris though hahahahaha

A/N: Hi! This is my first story. Sorry if it’s kind of crappy. I’m not good at writing. I actually dreamt of this. I’m just gonna add a few touches to make it a story. Because my part of the dream was only the bedroom scene. Hahahhaha spoiler. This was how I fell in love with Kris. Hahahaha. It’s kind of weird right? He became my bias because I dreamt of him. I didn’t even know EXO that time then suddenly he’s kinda my everything hahahahha

Amber091194 / amberleefishy13

[Author’s pov]
You just found a new apartment in a small town near the woods.  The apartment was located on the second floor. It had a huge sliding window. There was a tree blocking the view. It was cozy. And it was perfect for you. A sense of satisfaction runs through you. You were finally independent. You had everything to yourself. You were happy.
The days dragged on slowly and you were busy clearing up the boxes and putting things where they belonged. You looked out the window when you noticed a rustling in the tree. It felt as if someone was looking at you. When you didn’t see anything you proceeded to the kitchen.

[Kris’ pov]
I’ve been observing her for days. She’s fixing her house. She’s new but it feels like I’ve known her all my life. I have seen her face before. She looks so pretty and nice. I kept watching her from a far. She looks happy but I can still sense some sadness. Why did she come here? What will she do here? Is she the one I’m looking for?
Hi, my name is Wu Yi Fan, but everyone calls me Kris. I’m a wolf. I have lived for a century now. I don’t age. I have stopped aging when I was 21. Wolves are kind of like that. We don’t change into wolf forms. Our eyes just turn red, we growl, get claws and sharp teeth. I forgot to tell you, I am the alpha wolf. I am the leader of 5 other wolves.
I sat on the branch. It was already 11 in the evening. I was watching her pacing around her room preparing for bed. I noticed that she doesn’t close the curtains. It was a full moon. It was a bit windy. The air was cool and refreshing. I was surprised when she opened the window and stared at the moon. She was beautiful. The way her skin shines as the moonlight touches it makes my mouth water. I have got to have her.

[Reader’s pov]
The full moon looks really pretty tonight. I opened the window and stared at the moon. The air was cool and refreshing. It was as if it was blowing my troubles away. I actually moved here because my parents died 10 years ago in a car accident. I miraculously survived. The last thing I remembered before the crash was as if someone pulled me out of the car. I lived with my aunt after that. When I turned 19 I figured it was time to move out. That’s why I’m here. As I stared into the starry night I can’t help but feel that someone was staring at me. I turned to look at the tree. No one was there. Maybe it was just my imagination. I need to wake up early so that I could find a job. I went to bed.

[Kris’ pov]
It seems that she forgot to close her window. I slowly climbed in. she was sound asleep. I leaned in closer to look at her face. I remember her now.

I was walking down the slope when I noticed a car going out of control. I immediately ran after it. I noticed a little girl at the back of the car screaming. When the car was about to hit the tree I jumped on the car and tried to pull the little girl out. She had a few scratches on the face because I punched through the mirror to get her. I hugged her and jumped off because the car crashed. She was unconscious. I checked the car. Her parents were dead on the spot. I went back to the little girl and carried her to nearest hospital.
-End of flashback-

She’s the little girl from 10 years ago. She’s the girl I saved. She’s grown up now. She has gotten a lot prettier. I can still she some of the scratches on her face. I looked around her room. I see her photograph with her parents. She’s really neat. I wonder what she has been doing for the past 10 years. What could have happened to her?

[Reader’s pov]
I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. I looked at the window and noticed that the sliding was closed. Did I close the window last night? I don’t remember. I went to the bathroom to freshen up and get ready to look for a job.
                I found a job as a waitress at a restaurant 20 minutes away from home. The ahjumma was nice to accept me. She said that it was hard because she was the only one running the business. I started working that day.
                It was already 9 pm when we closed the restaurant. I immediately rushed home. When I arrived I was dead tired. I opened the window and went to bed.

[Kris’ pov]
                She didn’t close her window again. I climbed up. I finally decided that it was time to make my presence noticed.

[Reader’s pov]
                I was jolted awake when I heard the chair in my room move. “Don’t be scared” a deep husky voice said “I won’t hurt you. I just want to talk.”

[Author’s pov]
You noticed a figure sitting on the chair. You squint your eyes to see better in the dark. You were supposed to be scared but oddly enough you were comforted by this presence. His voice calmed you down.

[Reader’s pov]
                “Who are you?” I asked. “I’m Kris.” He said as he moved from the shadows to show his face. He sat on the edge of the bed and I got to see his face clearly. He was handsome. It was like he had the face of a Greek god. “Have I seen you before?” his face was strangely familiar. It’s like I’ve seen him somewhere before. “Do you remember me?” Kris asked. “It’s like I’ve seen you somewhere…”

[Kris’ pov]
                “It’s like I’ve seen you somewhere…” she whispered.
Will she remember me? I want her to remember me. We talked the night through. She fell asleep later on. I left when I was already sure she was sound asleep.

[Author’s pov]
              Every night Kris would visit her and they would talk the night through. She never questioned why he would always enter through the window. Actually she found it romantic. Somehow like Romeo and Juliet. She started falling for him and so did he.

[Kris’ pov]
I came back the next night to find her sleeping. She looked so tired. Her work must be really stressful. She had bags under her eyes but she still looked beautiful in my eyes. I silently watched her sleep. I lay beside her. I still can’t believe that I’ll see her again. I kissed her forehead. “Don’t go… please… don’t leave me.” She said as she snuggled beside me. She talks in her sleep. I wonder what she’s dreaming about. I chuckled.

[Reader’s pov]
I had a really weird dream. I see myself in the car crash 10 years ago. It was like I was watching a movie. I saw Kris. He was trying to pull me out of the car. I hear glass breaking and then everything went black. I woke up sweating. He was sitting on the chair. “I know who you are.” I told him “you saved me.” I ran to him and hugged him. I started to cry. He was the one I’ve been looking for. It was him. My saviour.  “Thank you for saving me.”

[Kris’ pov]
“Thank you for saving me.” She said. She finally remembers me. I hugged her tight. I didn’t want to let her go. I just let her cry in my arms. She kept on whispering thank you until she fell asleep in my arms.  I slowly deposited her back to her bed and left.

[Reader’s pov]
                It was closing time. Ahjumma decide to close later than usual because there were a lot of customers. It was already 11 in the evening when we closed. The roads were already deserted. No one was out this time of the night. I hurriedly walked home. I wasn’t paying much attention to where I was going so I missed a turn and hit a dead end. When I turned around, two men blocked my way. I immediately got scared. “What’s a pretty little thing like you doing at this time of the night?” a tall fat man said. “Are you looking for some fun?” the small bulky man said.

[Author’s pov]
You started to shake. The tall fat guy grasped your shoulder while the other pushed you to the wall. You started to scream for help. The small bulky man started to kiss your neck when suddenly you heard a loud thud. The small bulky man suddenly went flying across you. The tall fat man was thrown against the wall. You curled into a fetal position, too scared to move. When you looked up you saw Kris. But he was different. His eyes were blood red; he had claws and sharp teeth. He was looking at you. When he was about to get closer to you. You screamed and fainted.
                You woke up in bed and your clothes were changed. You sat up and saw Kris sitting across from you. He was observing you.

[Reader’s pov]
                “Don’t come any closer.” I whispered when I noticed him trying to get close to my bed “get out!” I shouted. “Please li-” I cut him off “I don’t want to hear your explanation. I’m still not ready to know the truth. Please get out.” I sobbed.

[Kris’ pov]
                I was walking near the restaurant where she works to check on her because she still wasn’t home. I could sense there was something wrong. I heard her scream. I immediately went to where I heard her scream and saw two men trying to harass her. My vision immediately turned red and lunged to man who was kissing her. I threw the man across the alley and threw the other one to the wall where they laid unconscious. I immediately turned to her. I forgot to change back. The fear in her eyes broke my heart. When I came near her, she screamed and fainted.
                I immediately carried her to her house. I changed her clothes and cleaned her body with warm water and a soft towel. I don’t want other men touching her. She’s mine. I hated the fact that I didn’t tell her what I feel for her. I’m afraid she might not love me back. I don’t want to be rejected by her.
               I slowly walked to the window to leave. I turned to look at her. I can hear my heart shattering. I don’t like seeing her crying. I don’t want to hurt her. I love her. “Get out!” she shouted. I turned around and left. When I looked up to her room, I saw her lock the window and close the curtains. Tears started to well up my eyes. I have recently found out I love her. She was now my world. I would die if she’d leave me.

[Reader’s pov]
                I don’t know… I just… what is he? Can I bear the truth? Can I accept him? Of course you can, you love him. I want to be with him but can I take it? I need space. I need time to think. I have to understand what is happening.

[Author’s pov]
                As Kris was walking in the woods, a hand came upon his shoulder. “She’ll come around.” Luhan said “she just needs space and time to think about what she just saw”.
“How will she understand, if she wouldn’t let me explain?” Kris whispered
“Some people can comprehend things on their own. They will find answers to their questions. If they found the answer… that’s the time they’ll come back and ask further. That’s how her mind goes.” And with that Luhan left.
                Weeks passed… Kris would always sit on the tree branch looking at her window hoping that she would let him in. and just like what Luhan said, she was looking for answers on her own. It took her weeks to comprehend what he was. But deep inside her heart she knew she would accept him no matter what he was.

[reader’s pov]
                It was a full moon tonight. I slowly opened the window and stared at the view. It’s been weeks since I last saw him. I miss him. I admit, I have feelings for him. I wish I told him. But I shoved him away. It was getting late. I left the window open hoping that he will come by tonight. As I laid my head on the pillow my last thought was his face.
                I was awakened by a gentle pressure on my forehead. I slowly opened my eyes to see him. He was smiling at me. I smiled back, I must be dreaming. I hugged him. He felt real in my arms. I closed my eyes, snuggled and inhaled his scent. I heard his low moan. I snapped my eyes open. He’s here. He’s really here. I hugged him tight. “I love you” I whispered. He hugged me back and kissed my neck.

[Kris’ pov]
               “I love you” she whispered. She loves me. As she hugged me tight, I kissed her neck “I love you, too” I whispered back. When she finally let go, I caressed her face “I’m sorry for not telling you the truth” I said as I looked down. She held my chin and said “It’s okay. I accept who you are and what you are.” She smiled. “even if I’m a wolf?” I hesitantly asked. “yes, even if you are a wolf.” She whispered and kissed my lips.


[Kris’ pov]
                It has been 6 years since that faithful day, the day I saw her walk down the aisle in a white gown. She looked so breath taking. She was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my whole life. She’s also a wolf now.
                A hand waving distracted me from my thoughts. I looked to the person waving that hand
“honey, look!” she shouted  while kneeling on the grass. I quickly ran to her and hugged her.
“look! She crawling!” she pointed at our daughter. “yes, she is.” I said as I kissed her cheek.
“you know I still couldn’t believe you were the one who saved me from the crash” she leaned in
“I’m really happy that I saved you.” I whispered to her
“we’ll live happy together” she smiled
“forever.” I kissed her lips.

a/n: sorry for a crappy ending. I don’t usually write happy endings… I’m more of an angst type of person.

The Captain and The Nerd

The Captain and The Nerdpairing: Kris x You
type: one-shot
genre: fluff, AU

Plot: kris was the team captain for the school's basketball team. You were the president of the science club. What will happen when two worlds collide?

  You were studying at a high school in canada. It was your first year there. You got in because of a scholarship. You had the love for science so you joined the club. You were a not so nobody. You had a few friends. Some people notice you. You never really paid attention to how people look at you. You only cared about books. You always spend your free time in the library.
One day, you were late for class because you woke up late. As you were running in the hall you suddenly hit a wall. The impact was so strong that you expected to hit the cold hard floor but instead you were greeted by warm strong arms. "Are you okay?" The angelic husky voice asked. You looked up and saw Kris, the captain of the basketball team. "Y-yes, I'm good" you straightened yourself up and hurried to your class. "You're late" the teacher said as you walked through the door "and so are you, mr. Wu." You turned and saw him. He smiled at you. You have a serious crush on him. who wouldn't have a crush on THE KRIS WU. HE IS LIKE THE HOTTEST GUY AROUND. He's smart, handsome, nice and sporty. But sadly you thought he would never go for a nerd like you. You thought to yourself. You weren't that much to look at.
You went to the library to get some books to read. You sat at the far back of the library so that nobody would bother you. A few minutes passed when suddenly the chair across from you creaked. You snapped your head up to see Kris sitting across from you. "Hi" he said. You just stared at him and looked behind you to see if maybe he was talking to someone behind you. "Silly, I'm talking to you" he then chuckled. "Me?" You said dumbfounded. "Yes, you." Then he smiled that gummy smile of his. "I was wondering if you could help me" you were to help him? You must be dreaming. As you were lost in your thoughts he had been calling your name several times already. "Hey" he snapped his fingers. "Oh, sorry. You were saying?" "I need your help" "on what?" "I kind of like this girl but I don't know how to say that I like her." "Why don't you just say it? She might also like you. You would never know until you try" you smiled at him. "This is what I want to say. I have been looking at you for a long time. I don't know if you notice me but I notice you a lot. You look beautiful every single day. Your smile makes my whole world bright. You're smart, talented... amazing. I wish you notice me. I like you, actually, no I think I love you. I hope you love me back. So what do you think?" "That's great. I bet she'll fall to her feet. She's such a lucky girl. So when are you going to say that to her?" You asked. He smiled "I just did" "what?" "You, you're the girl I like." You suddenly fell off the chair. He ran to you and helped you up "are you okay?" He looked worried. You laughed. The librarian shushed the two of you. "I like you too" you smiled. He then kissed you on the cheeks.


i haven't updated for quite some time because my friend broke my laptop and all the fics i wrote didn't have back ups... so sadly i have to start all over again :/

and also because i forgot my password.
What movies do you like to watch and what kind of munchies do you like to scarf down when you're enjoying some free time?

i really love watching horror films and romance :) and scarf down cookies, popcorn, chocolates and a really big glass of iced tea :)

Writer's Block: It must be love

Do you have a childhood friend that you still think about and miss? What happened to him or her?

yes, i still remember my first crush. his name was immanuel. yes, i was able to tell him what i feel towards him and he also told me that he felt the same. we shared the sweetest 9 months of my life until one day, we fell out of love and broke up :/

Writer's Block: Friends of old

Do you have a childhood friend that you still think about and miss? What happened to him or her?

she was my best friend, we grew up together since we were 3. years has changed us, we became mature and had our share of regrets in life. i still she her from a far because i always stay at home. she's become a slut :/ she would have sex with a lot of guys and she just threw our 13 years of friendship in the trash. yes, i still miss the little girl who comforted me and gave me hope. you're still my best friend no matter what

i'll try to write eunhae fanfics :)

 i know i'm not as creative as you guys :/ but i'll try my best :) i'll first try one shots and if it turns out great then i'll write more :)
Would you live in the perfect house or apartment rent-free if you found out a brutal murder had taken place there and it was rumored to be haunted? Why or why not?

i would still take the offer. i mean, i love solving mysteries and living in a house with a past is very interesting and adventurous. i have the ability to see and feel other beings that's why it wouldn't be much of a problem with me.